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Introducing… A powerful new selling tool for branded retail product and service distributors

Virtual Marketing Department Pty Ltd has developed a new ‘FUSION’ FTA TV and Social Media platform; is a powerful new “next generation” selling tool for branded retail product and service distributors. Based on a unique InfoDialogue™ model; Talking Matters is a total selling program including TV advertising & Social Media inspired mini- infotainment style episodes, plus integrated on-line website and even a POS trade sales conversion component.

USP:   The persuasive selling power of a 3rd party Independence

“Its one thing for you to tell customers your product is the best…

…its far more believable and compelling when that endorsement comes from someone independent”

 Talking Matters Delivers;

  • A tactical tool; (not discount)
  • “High-yield” sales and build your brand
  • High quality & affordable; (Meet you retail ROI metrics)
  • Flexible, easy implementation
  • Can not be offered by you or distributor

Talking Matters Brands

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