B2B Case Studies



“Differentiate to deliver to powerful profits”

MD showcases how to differentiate your offer in highly competitive, product driven B2B selling environments.  Learn how to identify the “trading currency” of decision makers win business and protect pricing.


“60 Mil customers; WORLD WIDE”

 Differentiation in a B2B Market

Problem: Competitor offerings were commoditised and pricing under was under pressure

Objective: Differentiate and hold price

  • Segmented clients. Differentiated on relevant experience, people, service & benefits selling; used the language (I call “trading currency”) of financial institution’s & brokers
  • Leveraged existing channels; 1) Sales force; tools, training & effectiveness, 2) Extranets; segmented, 3) Events; ensuring sales deliver info & follow-up

ACE Insurance

“Experience counts”

Organic growth; new product &  distribution

Problem: Mature, highly competitive market; 90% of business was from out- bound telemarketing sales

Objective: Organic growth. Diversify distribution. & prod.

  • Identified & launched alternate, low cost distribution channels. 1) DM; for 20% Database growth. 2) Internet links to Ins. sales pages on sponsor’s website
  • Leveraged existing relationships & distribution experience to other industries.  Drove new product development;  SME offering to new & existing clients.

GE Money, SRA,
RTA, Airport,
Mac Bank

“Let’s talk about you”

Pitching to Win

Problem: $Multi-mil contracts up for tender, no  clear product differentiation, highly $ competitive

Objective: Win without compromising price position.

  • Identified decision makers. Interrogated key targets to determine personal goals & major risk concerns. (Key: it’s never $! respect a “win/win” outcome.)
  • Leveraged all sources for intelligence (all staff, CEO, legal etc).  Leveraged the “tipping point” as theme for pitch.  90% success rate.

APN Outdoor

“ Think Outside”

Brand & business model re-launch

Problem: The merger of 4 separate businesses created a clear market leader. New positioning was needed

Objective: Grow the pie and grow the slice.

  • Prioritise decision makers (80/20 rule). Re-direct marketing $ to high value Quant & Qual research. Created a “knowledge leadership” Network Event
  • Grow % media share by restructuring sales force around industry segments; i.e.: FMCG Vs Retail.