B2C Case Studies



“Low Cost – high leverage marketing”

These case studies reveal how you can leverage the value of existing, but often unrealised, business assets to unlock the potential for high % sales growth. Its “low cost – high leverage” marketing at its best.

RAMS Home Loans

 “A better way”

Building share with a small budget

Problem: Launch new distribution channel with min $.

Objective: Cut through the heavy competition of the big 4 banks and generate leads (5% share in <5yrs)

  • Launched mnemonic device “Raymond Ram”. Built testimonies from target customer groups (middle market). Promoted advantage of F2F service
  • 100% media spend on low cost DRTV formats & distress media buys (Daytime & Pay TV, Radio & Press.). Weekly lead tacking & call centre alignment

Johnson & Johnson

“Acuvue Contact Lens”

New distribution channel, new target

Problem: No customer segmentation & dependant on 3rdparty distribution (optometrists) for sales leads

Objective: Drive growth & keep Optometrists on side

  • Built a “Free trial Pair” response promo on brand TVC. Research questions included.  Identified new target; Fmls 15-25 & lucrative cosmetic positioning.
  • Developed new Direct mail distribution channel (commission tracked to referrer Optometrists). Automatic monthly delivery. 40,000 leads in 4 wks.


“Feel sure not just insured”

Brand Launch in a crowded market

Problem: How to cut though in the highly competitive & mature domestic insurance market

Objective: Differentiate brand & generate ROI leads

  • Focus groups identified key differentiators around European Experience. Cut through 90 sec infomercials to build brand credibility and response. Media strategy used high reach & low Freq. Sales tracking by 15min day segments maximised ROI.

FAI Insurance

“Rely on FAI”

Building On-line Sales

Problem: Build on-line transaction capability without getting burnt ($$)

Objective: Launch sales, renewals & claims On-line

  • Focused on transaction/ sales experience before spending on lead generation
  • Insights: 1) Build a tool not a toy. 2) Include all stakeholders in development (i.e. prod, claims, finance 3) Minimise time, pages, clicks to reduce dropout 4) promote call centre No. to support.  5)  Build a Test & learn expectation