About Brendon Drake, Founder

Brendon Drake originally established Virtual Marketing Department in 2008. After over 25 years of business experience working for leading global companies, Brendon recognized that many companies were still treating the Marketing Department as a predominantly fixed cost centre, somewhat separated from the active business sales and profitability objectives of the company itself.  This traditional approach increasing left the Marketing Department unaccountable for its expenditure and open to random cost cutting, Head count freezes and other administration cost reduction measures.   He conceived that most business need only a small fixed department for any marketing related Business as Usual (BAU) activities, and could more effectively and efficiently access the experienced resources needed for key projects by greater utilization of outsourced experts, professionals and support agencies when ever was required.

While the specific head-hour or project cost may be more than that of an amortized full-time staffed resources, as expenditure would always be linked to specific “sales outcome” based projects, the investment was able to be justified and controlled in advance.  The same efficiencies (in fact even more so) are applicable to medium sized business that don’t usually have the budget to support a full strategic marketing capability.

With a early background in a number of leading marketing agencies, Brendon realized that the industry is already structured to support project based service provision and determined to begin establishing a mechanism for business to  access experienced Marketing and specialist support on a needs basis.  Not career consultants, but professionals with in -company industry experience.  He didn’t need to look much further than his own network of business professionals he’d worked with over 25 years for Virtual Marketing Department to be born.

While Brendon has spend the last few years as a senior Marketing and Business Development consultant himself, he has recently decided to continue his marketing leadership career by getting back into full time employment.

Regardless of this decision, the business remains operational and able to accept briefs and find the short term senior firepower from within its network to assist your business.

If you’d like to have a No obligation discussion about your business or have brief please utilise the“contact us” email.